Why You Should Send Your Customers a Personalised Christmas Card

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Why You Should Send Your Customers a Personalised Christmas Card

The tradition of sending Christmas cards is one that dates back to 1843 in the UK and since then over 1.5 billion cards are sent each year.   Sending customers a personalised Christmas card has become a popular practice for businesses of all sizes. If you are not already sending your customers a Christmas card, then read on to see just why you should.

Marketing at Christmas

Gold and Pink Bauble Christmas CardAn essential aspect of any successful marketing strategy is one that enables you to develop a relationship with your customers.  Christmas presents the ideal opportunity to reach out to your customer’s. You can wish them a happy Christmas and demonstrate to them that you appreciate and value their custom throughout the year.  This practice also helps to build customer loyalty.

Personalised Christmas cards tend not to be viewed as marketing materials and they don’t get ignored.  People love to receive a card and not only read the content to see who it’s from, but they then place their cards (and so your brand) on display for others to see.

They are a very effective way to remind people about your business. Unlike other outbound marketing techniques like newsletters and promotional activities, you don’t need to sell anything or offer discounts as a reason to connect with your customers.  Sending Christmas cards to wish your customers a happy Christmas is a great way to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

Ahead of the Competition

Making your brand stand out in the mind of your customers can be difficult. With so many businesses all vying for Your Own Image Christmas Cardcustomer’s attention, finding effective ways to connect is vital to building your competitive edge.

A personalised Christmas card that reflects you, your business and your brand can give you that edge. That is why it’s important not to use a generic style Christmas card. If you are going to use the opportunity to contact your customers, make sure you get the most from the opportunity and send a great personalised card.

Managing Your Contact List

Red Bow Christmas CardIf the type of business you run enables you to generate a contact list of your customer’s postal addresses, then sending printed Christmas cards is ideal. And it’s well worth the postage cost.

However, for your beautiful and personalised Christmas card to reach who you intend it to, it’s important that you maintain an accurate contact list. Otherwise it will become junk mail and get chucked in the bin,

Firstly, make sure you remove any duplications from your list.  Doubling up on the cards and postage is a waste of money. It also tells the receiver that you are disorganised and don’t manage your resources very well. It can make your customer feel that their card is not personal but just a generic peice of marketing.

Secondly, proofread your list closely and fix any typos. These can happen really easily when the record is being created in a database or on spread sheet. Nothing shows that you don’t pay attention to detail than sending a mail out with typos.

Lastly, make sure that you adhere to the Data Protection legislation that governs direct marketing. Breaches of this legislation are taken very seriously and can result in heavy fines.


image-for-website-promotional-video-179If your contact list is made up primarily of emails, then sending your customers an e-card is also a great way to achieve some of the benefits outlined above.

E-cards are electronic versions of traditional greeting cards. These are very cost effective as they don’t require postage. They can be emailed on their own or incorporated to form part of your regular newsletter. You can also add an e-card to your social media channels or website.

As they don’t require printing, E-cards are ideal to send if your business promotes an eco-friendly ethos. They are also well suited to businesses models that are technology based and if you have an International customer base.   They are cost effective and less damaging to the environment and if this reflects the type of business you are in that is a great match.

We recommend easiEgreetings for all your e-card requirements. And you can order your personalised Christmas card from us online here.

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