How to use your website to grow your business

Why Your Business Needs a Website

laptop_front_view_18641-1Do you have your own business? Do you have a website? If the answer to the first question was yes, then it’s essential that you answer yes to the second question.

While social media is great way to build awareness about your business, it’s more effective to use your Facebook page in addition to, rather than instead of a website. This is because social media and websites serve very different purposes. And if you’re relying on just one channel to grow your business, then you’re losing out.

Website v’s Facebook

People largely use social media to be entertained and informed. So when you present your followers with information about your business, it’s important that that information is both interesting and relevant to them. By posting short, relevant content on social media, you have the opportunity to connect with your followers. Then, by directing them to your website for more information, they can access as much information as they need.

infographic-for-blog-on-websiteIf people don’t know about you or your business, then they won’t be see your Facebook content. They’re on a different platform. Most likely, Google. They’re searching for information about products and services in your area and if that search result doesn’t return your site, then those potential customers don’t know you exist and you’re losing out.

And more that, 40% of all online searches specify a location because people are looking for businesses in their own area or in places they are planning to visit.

But that’s not all. A well designed and structured website provides visitors with a lot of information about you, your business, your product or service and why they should visit or purchase from you. A well-developed website gives your business a shopfront to highlight what you do. And with good images, the use of video and well-written content, you have the opportunity to give visitors a lot more information than they can gather from scrolling through your Facebook posts.

Build Creditability laptop_computer_16_9_18636

Websites are a way to build creditability in the mind of your customers. After all, you don’t have to make any real commitment to start a Facebook page. All you have to do is click on create a page and voilà, within minutes you are up and running. And that is probably why so many small businesses opt for a social media presence over development a website.

But, as well as increasing the opportunity to have your business found and to give customers access to more information about your business, a website also provides real business growth opportunities. You can generate vital data about how people find your site and how they engage with your content by using Google Analytics which is free to use.

Unlike Facebook Insights, Google Analytics can tell you the pages they visit, how long they spend on each page, and lots more besides. It’s amazing how much data you can access, but only if you have it added to each page of your website.

Generate leads

smart_phone_credit_card_reader_1600_clr_14480You can also use your website to generate leads and you grow your contact list. When you ask your website visitors to sign up to your newsletter or to contact you get their email addresses. This lets you build up a database of interested potential customers who are viable leads which are the lifeblood of a growing business.

Once you have developed a contact list, you can engage with them directly into their inbox and further build and develop your relationship with them. We can help you to begin using email marketing to grow your business here. We can also design, develop and manage your business website for you

Make Sales

And finally, the most oblivious benefit for having a website is the opportunity to sell your products or to secure bookings.  And with the governments Trading Online Voucher grant covering 50% of the cost associated with developing an e-commerce website, it makes sense to create a website for your business.

To DIY or Not To DIY

Now, you could do it yourself with one of the self-build website products available. However, before you do, I urge you to read our Know Your Hourly Rate post. Ask yourself how much would it really cost you to do it yourself.

By the time you figure out how to use the web-builder platform, write the content, generate images, SEO the site, add Google Analytics, add a cookie notice, and generate and submit a site map to Google, you have to see if doing it yourself really is worth the time. Oh, and by the way, if you chose to build your website yourself, then you won’t be eligible for the Trading Online Voucher grant.

We can develop a really effective website for you, revamp an existing site and add an e-commerce or booking system to your site leaving you free to get on with running your business. We can also help you submit your application for the Trading Online Voucher grant, and make the whole process as painless as possible.

So when you are ready to get going with your new website or you want to revamp your existing website, Contact Us. We can design, develop and manage your business website for you and get you selling or taking bookings for your business in no time.

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