Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is the term used to describe all the tools and techniques that you can use to promote your business online.

  • Our digital marketing services include setting up, developing and managing a great website. And a website is now an essential tool to provide customers with information about your business
  • To make sure that your site gets found we use techniques such as search engine optimisation and content development.
  • Social media marketing is a great way to connect with your customers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and SnapChat. By using content that is relevant and interesting to your followers, you can spread awareness and visibility of your business.
  • Using paid online advertising is another great way to reach your customers. This can be adverting on a search platform like Google or on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It involves placing your message in front of the right audience at the right time to increase awareness of your business.
  • And because digital marketing takes place online, it provides really detailed insights and analytics. These tools are really important to understand so that you can measure your results and improve your marketing strategy.

Reasons to Outsource your Marketing

We use the latest digital marketing methods to get your business noticed online.

Digital marketing makes it possible for you to reach your potential customers when they’re online. With our affordable digital marketing services, we can effectively manage this process for you. We can develop and manage your tailor-made digital marketing strategy that will produce a successful online presence for your business.

Why Digital Marketing is Important

Letting people know that you have a high-quality product or service is vital for your business to grow. The harsh reality is that if (the right) people don’t know about you, then your business doesn’t exist to your potential customers.

Did you Know? Irish people spend over 19 hours per week online.

So in order to get your business message in front of your potential customers, you need to be active where they are spending their time.

Developing an effective digital marketing strategy can raise your brand profile and increase the visibility of your business among your target market. Effective digital marketing means developing a strong online presence. It is essential to inform your audience about your business without interrupting them.

This is possible by placing your website content and adverts where they are looking for information or when they are making a purchase decision. Understanding who they are and how and why they would use your product means that you can connect with them and let them know that your product is a solution to their problem.

Pay-per-click advertising is one way to do that, but ranking well in organic search is also really important. This is where good SEO activity comes in and we can also fully manage this for you.

Our Digital Marketing Packages

Our digital marketing services are designed to be affordable, making them ideal for small businesses and start-ups. Starting at as little as €70 per week we can develop a digital marketing package that is tailored to meet your specific business objective.

We don’t have one-size fits all packages because we know that every business is different. What digital marketing services your business needs will depend on what you want to achieve. That could be to increase visibility about your product or managing a specific campaign, whatever it is, we can help you.

If you’re managing your marketing activity yourself and it’s not getting you the results you need, read our blog post about how you can get the most from your time.  This will help you to understand how cost effective it is to outsource your marketing activity to a professional.

From only €70 per month, we can manage your social media activity. This could involve generating at least one unique post on your account every day to increase visibility. We could also increase your followers and grow your social media presence.

It doesn’t make good business sense to have a website if no-one can find it. We can devise a digital marketing package that includes managing and promoting your website. And we only use the best SEO practices. If your business doesn’t have a website, read our blog post about why you need one. And visit our website design page for more information about our website services.

Types of Digital Marketing 

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation makes your website visible to potential customers. When people, your potential customers, enter a search term into a search engine they expect to find relevant web pages returned in the results. Using our affordable SEO services we can improve your site’s performance in organic search and that it gets found by your potential customers.

Pay-Per-Click advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

This is where you advertise on search engines, like Google so that your advert shows up to people who are searching for things your business does. It’s called pay per click because you only pay when a visitor clicks on your advert.  We can manage this for you. We’ll make sure that your marketing budget works hard for you and generates new customers for you.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Give your business a presence on social media. We can set up and manage your accounts, freeing up your time to get on with the business of growing your business. We can also manage your social media adverting to make sure that your ads are served to people who are interested in your business while they’re on social media.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Producing engaging, relevant content for your website, blog or social media accounts on a regular basis is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. We’ll produce written and visual content that people will want to read. Quality content also improves your website ranking in search engine results.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Designing engaging and relevant newsletters and ezines you can deliver your marketing message directly into your customer’s inboxes. We can fully manage your email marketing activity for you. We will also make sure that your business remains compliant with data protection legislation.

e-commerce and booking services

E-commerce and Bookings

If it’s possible to sell your business online or for customers to book a service directly with you, then we can add these options to your website. This greatly increases the sales opportunities for your business.

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